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Reply within the topic - Where did that come from?
Replied On: Oct 18, 2016 04:38am

Gender: Male
Posts: 12
Sunflower it appears it is not only Root canals we have to be concerned about. Please have a look at what I wrote this morning.....
"It is 3am and am awake with the noise in my ear and that heart beat sound in my ear.
Yesterday I finally had my emergency appointment with the dentist, strangely enough at the same time the other dentist that I made had phoned and for the 2nd time cancelled my emergency appointment for the 20th.
Now the big surprise and very important for all of us here. The teeth that are in the images above in the previous post above exposed and there is no pain even with the one showing the roots of the tooth ARE NOT ROOT CANALS so we have another big concern here but also highlights another hidden source of bacteria infection besides the root canals without any pain been present. The dentist did explain that are different reasons for that, but I will like to look more into it now.
Now back to the dentist, he has not extracted my teeth as I requested, he asked for my NHS number so he can communicate with my oncologists and once he establishes the high blood counts he will prescribe the prophylactic antibiotics and carry out the extractions, what concerns me is I have made them aware that I am already on antibiotics?
I also mentioned that besides the noise in my ears my right eye is showing signs of infection and I very concerned. It is almost a month since I lost the repair now.
But at least now we CLLers have another hidden source of bacteria besides the root canals. Before the loss of the repair and my own borescope inspection I would not have been aware that there is anything happening in those mollers.
My cousin has made me aware that in USA he had a similar situation, his dentist uses liquid nitrogen on the teeth and teeth that do not show any pain are attended. The tooth that was identified in his case the repair was removed the cavity was cleaned out and then iodine was applied to the area for about 2 hours before finally resealing it.
SO AGAIN it points to dental hidden bacteria in not only root canals but in teeth that we and our dentist assume all is fine."....