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DOB: 1943

      CD38 positive




I was diagnosed in a round about way.  After a mammogram in September 2003 I was called back as they picked up an enlarged gland under the arm.  They said seven doctors had looked at the film and didn't know what it was.  In the end they explored the axilla and breast and removed a small benign adenoma and the gland.
The result showed a lymphoma in the gland so I was referred to the Haematology Department.
After a CT scan and bone marrow biopsy I was diagnosed with CLL.  I have never asked for prognostic factors but know my CD38 is more than 30%.  Since referral to haematology I have been well cared for by Consultant and Staff.
I managed six months watch and wait then my platelets had dropped to 16 so was treated with prednisolone 40mg reducing to 5mg.  OK until November  2004 when platelets dropped to 4.  Then I was treated with chlorambucil  (should have had six sessions but blood counts OK after five). 
Apart from a low platelet count for which I take varying doses of prednisolone and cyclophosphomide I have been reasonably OK. 
I was born on Tyneside and have lived here all my life.  I worked in a local hospital medical records department for 13 years.  One of my duties was to notify cancer cases to the Cancer Department.  So I knew about CLL all those years ago.  I left work to be a full time Mum and am now a Nan.