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DOB: 1955





I am Phil and was diagnosed in Oct 07 after a routine blood test that was looking for gout; which they didn’t find. They found CLL instead !
I am married, have two children aged 8 and 10 and live in Gloucestershire. I work as a Regional Sales Manager in the paper industry.

There wasn’t much warning of the arrival of CLL. I had some tiredness and aching muscles but the biggest clue (I know now) was the nose bleeds. These were especially inconvenient as when visiting customers, doing presentations etc., a bleed would develop which was both awful and embarrassing. This is now cured by a visit to a Consultant at Bristol who basically poked a soldering iron up my nose.

Other symptoms that have developed since are swollen neck and under the arms; but no enlarged spleen and no night sweats.
There isn’t much in the way of blood treatment in Gloucestershire so had the choice of Birmingham or Bristol. I chose the latter and am pleased I did as I am under the care of Dr Jenny Bird who is very supportive.

I saw her yesterday and my counts are up to: WBC 114; Haemoglobin 13; platelets 231. As a result I am having another bone marrow test (they are going to put me under this time as was very painful before) and scan to establish a ‘base line’ and then RFC starts at the end of September. This will be every 3 weeks – 6 sessions in all.

One piece of advice she gave me early on was to get fit in anticipation of some treatment. This I did and have lost 2 and a half stone (was 19 stone) by going to the gym twice a week and staying off the sticky buns.

Yesterday she gave me another piece of advice; that was to take it easy on the green tea tablets. I found the actual green tea drink hard to take so switched to the tablets and was knocking back 3 x 100mg per day. She warned me to take what it said on the bottle which is just one tablet a day.
As can be seen from the white cell count the green tea hasn’t had that much effect but will carry on as its cheap and may just help. It has to be said that my muscular aches seem lessened, but this just may be “in my head”.