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DOB: 1954





Date of diagnosis – Dec 2006

Current treatment – nil – wait and see with regular blood tests.

History – Shocked at diagnosis but now learning to live with the potential time bomb in my bloodstream and realise that I am better off than others. In 2007 had blood counts and brief consultations at my local hospital every 3 months.  The white count has remained at 42 and I don’t know the other prognostic markers as the consultant didn't seem to want to do any testing while I was stable. I did have BM test at the beginning to establish a baseline.

During the year decided to try whilst I still could to retain a level of fitness so took up jogging once a week at least for 20 minutes. Don’t enjoy it but comfort myself with the fact that I can still do it! Also turned to green tea as I have read it helps but of course consultant sceptical about any such claims. I drink at least one cup per day. At my annual check up, was told I didn't need to return for 9 months as the disease had not progressed within the year. She actually said if I was an older patient I would be discharged but as I am younger of course they still need to keep a check on it. However, I think I will know when my body is telling me that something is happening and of course would then insist on a consultation. My GP has been very supportive too.

So overall I am still optimistic about how this will affect my life and have made only minor changes thus far.