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Bacterial hidden infections possible drivers of CLL ?

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Topic by Yanni on Dec 16, 2015 10:08am
I would have like to post this on the diet suggestions section but that is now blocked.

We all get different ideas of diets and they help us all in different ways, more and more evidence points to chronic bacterial infections driving our lymphocytes up, this bacteria in some cases is hidden in places such as our teeth and fueled by sugar/glucose rich diets in a chronic but ever-growing manner to a point of no return, unless we can identify the source and in my case gold moler tooth was the reservoir for who knows how long, until it was finally extracted major change in my health since then.

From the link above I cut and paste a small section here which basically covers our CLL very well and also hope that Dr Deveraux of Kings college London pays attention that the antibiotics trial on CLL may fail to get to this hidden bacteria and we will not get the true effect of antibiotics on CLL, anyway here is the quote but please read the whole article so no filtering is suggested....

"Anaerobic bacteria, which do not require oxygen to survive, thrive in these side canals and excrete toxicity from digesting necrotic tissue that leads to chronic infection. Blood supply and lymphatics that surround those dead teeth drains this toxicity and allows it to spread throughout your body. This toxicity will invade all organ systems and can lead to a plethora of diseases such as autoimmune diseases, cancers, musculoskeletal diseases, irritable bowel diseases, and depression, to name just a few.

Even antibiotics won't help in these cases, because the bacteria are protected inside of your dead tooth.

It appears that the longer root canal-treated teeth stay in your body, the more your immune system becomes compromised."......

All the best health wishes everyone I wish you a Merry Xmas and a happy healthier New Year. Please remember we have one common enemy here and that is the term called CLL. Yanni

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Hope you are all well
I will like to share with all, that once again I demonstrated by moving away from low carb ketogenic diet for 2 weeks how my WBC increase and then reversing them back down but this time I achieved that within 5 weeks. I did maintain my high Vitamin D3 intake and a 25(oh)d3 of around the 305 nmol/L through this period. Well this demonstrates that sugars are responsible of fueling this bacterial infections and thus the Lymphocyte increase.
I will like to repeat this is connected to my Dental and periodontal issues and all signs point to the root canal treatments.
Since then a root canal tooth that I have been trying to get the dentist to extract for over a year now has started breaking up, exposing it's inner hidden infected reservoirs. I cannot get a emergency appointment 12 days down the road, now there is no pain at the tooth as it is a root canal tooth, this highlights the dangerous situation and risk to us CLLers, no pain we interpret as nothing wrong but here is perfect example how we get infected in a chronic manner, but there is throbbing in my ear with a sudden jump in monocytes.
I have the tooth exposed and would like to know from anyone if there is a way of testing the tooth for infections insitu in this exposed state. I am prepared to travel so we all can get some real indication of what is happening in the dental and periodontal environment in a real time situation.
Hoping to hear from you.