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Where did that come from?

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Topic by ziggy999 on Oct 01, 2016 04:46pm

I was diagnosed with CLL six months ago after a routine blood test at my medical practice. I had no idea there was anything wrong. After the initial shock, I was encouraged by the consultant who broke the news to me that I could possibly live for another 25 years and, as I am over 70, I should not worry too much about it. He added that chronic was better than acute and if I was going to have cancer at all, this was the one to get and I would probably die from something else anyway. Yippee.
After a follow up blood test I am in the watch and wait state and do not need a further blood test for six months.
Nevertheless I am aware of the need for good hygiene, diet and exercise and feel quite confident about the future.

Reply by Admin on Oct 03, 2016 07:34am

Post on behalf of a member:

I had the same diagnosis at least 5 years ago, enjoy every day and stay away from Stilton cheese and alcohol if you can? Martin.

Reply by ziggy999 on Oct 03, 2016 10:39am

Martin, Thank you for the advice. Fortunately I have been teetotal for decades and I was advised by the consultant at my last appointment that I should avoid cheese with cultures. I was also told to wash my hands frequently and (this one I will find easy!) to avoid changing babies' nappies. I am relaxed about the condition and go about my life as normal, often forgetting that there is anything to be concerned about.

Reply by Yanni on Oct 04, 2016 09:27am

Ziggy99 pay particular attention to existing dental works in root canals, gold teeth, after my 34 year old gold tooth was extracted after my insistence the skin cancers /solar carcinomas stopped appearing, I used to control the skin issues with tincture of iodine 7%,cryotherapy and creams only made them worse. The dangers with the gold teeth during examinations the xrays do not penetrate the gold so the dentist assume all is ok if roots appear healthy, in my case a rotten tooth was under the gold covering. As I write here I have a tooth that has lost it's repair and is exposed no pain in the tooth but in the jaw area and a year on that side of the face throbbing as if my heart is beating in it. Today is the 13th day it is in this state the dentist that was supposed to extract it last year is avoiding to treat me. God forbid that once my root canals are extracted and my lymphocytes drop down into the normal range how the dental professionals would look.

Reply by Sunflower on Oct 05, 2016 12:07pm

Just to put things into perspective regarding dental work - I was diagnosed with CLL about 3 years ago, never smoked, never drink, fairly healthy, never overweight, and NO ROOTCANALS neither ANY METAL OR OTHER CROWNS & BRIDGE work ever done in my mouth! I am 58 years old. I had a couple of amalgams which got replaced over the years with white fillings. If it will make you feel better to get your teeth removed which received root treatment in the past, then that is OK - that is your choice, but there is no scientific proof that this might be the cause for CLL, neither chronic infection (which you might have had before the root canal treatment). If root treatments are to blame - then most of the people in the western world will have CLL today, which is not the case. It might also be a good idea to get a second opinion from another dentist before just jumping to conclusions. Dentists do not remove teeth easily which could function still perfectly well, and that is why they are probably reluctant to do so. The only chemical that is definitely linked to the presence of CLL is the Agent Orange. Now...I have never been in any war situations where this was used, but one never knows if it somehow came into the food cycle, or reach our bodies through all the crap one eats these days. Just saying...

Reply by Yanni on Oct 05, 2016 03:51pm

Sunflower I purchased a borescope camera and have taken some images of the tooth in question and at the same time did a self examination of my other teeth. The tooth in question (well what is left) of it clearly shows infection, but more importantly 2 other teeth have portions of the filling missing and black matter coming out from the gaps. How do you share images here ?? Just returned from the GP and he is very concerned of the state of my teeth.
Now professor Fagen from Cardiff university a while back did admit that in the early stages bacterias are the drivers of CLL and possibly sugars fuel them and I tend to believe that is the issue in my case. Most of my skin cancers usually associated with CLL were in the area just outside my gum area. The bacteria I think we have to content with is helicobacter Pylori which use the plaque in our mouth as a reservoir and possibly in my teeth namely the gap between the white filling (I also have replaced all my amalgham fillings before CLL dx) and the root canal treatment into the root canal. But this bacteria also hides in the stomach, is also responsible for for stomach ulcers and stomach cancers. In one recorded document patients with our sister lymphoma NHL when treated for Helicobacter Pylori the NHL disappeared.
So it may be present in our stomach, acid reflux GERDS are possible signs of H.Pylori. Somebody close to me tested positive for H.Pylori twice, treated twice and the symptoms keep returning, her dentist has now removed 3 teeth in the last 3 months all infected to the core all 3 root canals. This person was dx with lung cancer last year August, has refused Lung surgery and has refused Chemotherapy. We managed to stop the Tumor this far. But we are not kidding ourselves it has stopped growing but it is still there, well at least we have proved the theory that cancer cells split and multiply is wrong well in this case anyway for now. Keep your fingers crossed for us she is going for the next scan on Friday.

Reply by Yanni on Oct 18, 2016 04:38am

Sunflower it appears it is not only Root canals we have to be concerned about. Please have a look at what I wrote this morning.....
"It is 3am and am awake with the noise in my ear and that heart beat sound in my ear.
Yesterday I finally had my emergency appointment with the dentist, strangely enough at the same time the other dentist that I made had phoned and for the 2nd time cancelled my emergency appointment for the 20th.
Now the big surprise and very important for all of us here. The teeth that are in the images above in the previous post above exposed and there is no pain even with the one showing the roots of the tooth ARE NOT ROOT CANALS so we have another big concern here but also highlights another hidden source of bacteria infection besides the root canals without any pain been present. The dentist did explain that are different reasons for that, but I will like to look more into it now.
Now back to the dentist, he has not extracted my teeth as I requested, he asked for my NHS number so he can communicate with my oncologists and once he establishes the high blood counts he will prescribe the prophylactic antibiotics and carry out the extractions, what concerns me is I have made them aware that I am already on antibiotics?
I also mentioned that besides the noise in my ears my right eye is showing signs of infection and I very concerned. It is almost a month since I lost the repair now.
But at least now we CLLers have another hidden source of bacteria besides the root canals. Before the loss of the repair and my own borescope inspection I would not have been aware that there is anything happening in those mollers.
My cousin has made me aware that in USA he had a similar situation, his dentist uses liquid nitrogen on the teeth and teeth that do not show any pain are attended. The tooth that was identified in his case the repair was removed the cavity was cleaned out and then iodine was applied to the area for about 2 hours before finally resealing it.
SO AGAIN it points to dental hidden bacteria in not only root canals but in teeth that we and our dentist assume all is fine."....