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Topic by Robert Cork on Jan 27, 2008 02:47pm

We thought you might be interested to know of our progress since we launched the website.

The key number to report is that we now have 46 registrations, whilst this is not a huge number, you have to remember that we only released 2 weeks ago and building a UK base of members is not going to take time.

One of the advantages of having the forum within its own website is that you can apply web tracking statistics to give you an overview of how things are going. So with the aid of a few charts taken from the websites statistics package I will try and give you a taster of the last 2 weeks.

The first chart shows that we have had 734 visitors who have clicked there way through 7645 pages, with an average of 10 pages viewed on each visit. The actual launch date of the 13 January is show clearly by the large peak. The data also shows that 23% of the visitors are ‘first time visitors’, and therefore, as an assumption, the remaining 77% are those members that are returning, which is what you might expect.

The second image is just a view of where the visitors have come from. The majority being 662 from the UK, the remaining 56 coming from all corners of the world. You can drill down the UK visitors and find out where your visitors are located, but this has diluted value as your Internet Service Provider (ISP) might be in London and you are actually in Newbury. I have included chart 3 just out of interest.

We plan to conduct a little targeted marketing in an effort to increase our numbers over the course of the next few weeks and will let you know more once we have something to present. Meanwhile, we thank you for your support and hope that this forum will continue to meet your expectations and satisfy your needs.


Andy, Eileen and Robert

Reply by andysnat on Jan 28, 2008 05:56pm

Just as a little PS to this note, if you look at the NE of England, the three circles there are Eileen, myself and one other.

I wonder who the other is??

I think this is really interesting stuff.Who is in Wales for instance, is it Sian?

Reply by Bubbles55 on Jan 27, 2013 06:39pm

Hello andysnat

Yes, I think these stats are interesting too, and I'm sure that membership will increase as we share with each other.

Cannot leave you in the dark, I'm your Welsh circle, not a Sian. Do hope you are not too disappointed.

New to the site but will be visiting often. Well done guys!

Reply by olyocl on Jan 28, 2013 02:33pm

Hello folks, I also agree the stats are interesting but I notice East Scotland is marked on map and I am in South West Scotland.