Hospital Visit

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My appointment is at 11.20 am so I set the alarm for 5.50. No need. Tossing and turning all night I get up at 5.30 and look outside. Snow. A mug of coffee and dismal news on the BBC website then out in the cold dawn with my four legged chum - my good companion, and the love of my life.
A shave, a bath. Leave for hospital at 9.10 a.m. Hellish driving conditions. Loonies overtaking in the snow. Into the city - roadworks ! Delay ! Arrive at the hospital. No spaces. No spaces. No spaces. A green sign - spaces, but Herr Grump says - sorry this is reserved for cancer patients you'll have to go back round. I drive outside and try sidestreets. Totally no spaces. I drive to the supermarket one and a half miles away and park. Two hours free for customers it says on the sign, difficult to read as the snow is now belting down. Walk back to the hospital with the snow getting wet and heavy.I'm limping.
At the hospital I am lost - I go into a building no one at the desk. Find a toilet - thank goodness! Go out of building. Ask an NHS employee unloading a van. He sends me off in the wrong direction down a maze of corridors. I am roasting in my duvet jacket. Then an old chap, a porter, directs me the right way - I'm in the wrong building again!
At last I'm in the right building - follow the red line and into the outpatients. I know that red line well. It's packed ! I've never seen it like this before. What's wrong ? I lift a Building and Renovation mag. "WE built " say a money-sodden young couple , but inside their half-million architect designed house a silver clock rests wobbly on the bogus marble mantlepiece. Can't they even hang a clock ?
My name is shouted out by a nurse, mispronounced as usual. The place falls silent for a second. Weight. Same as before almost. Through to the next waiting area. I squeeze into a seat. I am about to burst. I have forgotten to take my blood pressure tablets this morning ! My blood pressure is going through the roof ! 10 minutes, 20 mins. Consultant calls name. Mispronounced again. How are you feeling? Not bad. Let's have a look. Behind the screen, she sounds my chest, listens to my lungs, feels my neck, and gropes for nodes in my nether regions (Only joking!)Right ok nothing to worry about there. Do yourself up. Sit down, blood count up. We discuss treatments for the future. She says 2 funny chemical names and a drip. A drip! I am am panicing now. Yes you come into hospital for a morning once every four weeks. Argh!
I leave, but at least the snow has stopped. Back at the car there is no ticket, and I drive slowly home before slumping into bed and sleep like my dog for 2 hours.It's good to be back.

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