Pnumonia vaccine

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Does anyone know if one dose of Prevenar would be sufficient or do you have to have a course like infants do.
Assuming that GP will ok giving it as not licensed for adults.

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Specialist advice might be helpful here. CLL itself can effect the response to immunization and treatment especially with immunotherapy will possibly reduce any existing immunity and reduce further a response to immunisation.

I am learning this as I have just seen an immunologist because I got Pneumocystis despite having 'enough' CD4 cells following Campath.The tests showed that I had lost protection from previous immunisations including to tetanus.I have been given a range of new immunisations - including pneumovax - that will show whether I am able to mount an immune respone and will inform the advice I am given about whether to continue gardening for example.

My present understanding is that immunity is variable, personal and unpredictable. It varies with the nature of your CLL and the treatment you have been given.You may therefore want to make sure that any immunisation you are given has produced the required immunity by asking for a confirmatory blood test.

It would be interesting to hear of others' experiences.

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Robert Cork

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I saw my Haematologist today and asked about immunisation following RFC and then as a second question following Campath.

She stated that she would not normally recommend that a patient be vaccinated following these treatments.

However, she did ask me to find out when my last immunisations (Tetnus, HIB, Pneumococcal) were and then she would order a blood test to see what my antibody levels were.

Interesting how there is no consistency in the treatment of CLL.



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I had the Pneunovax vaccine just over 5 years ago and mentioned this to my GP and asked him if I needed another one now.At first he looked it up and said I didn't. And then I got a call to say I'm booked in for one next week. Has anybody got any information on this?

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