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Topic Made On: Sep 30, 2009 12:24am

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Hello all, I started treatment with RFC last Friday.
4 hours on the drip with the 'R' and taking 'F' & 'C' orally over the following 5 days.
Expected the weekend to get written off with side effects but felt OK and have not had to use the anti-sickness drugs they gave me as a precaution.
Does anybody know if it will always be like this over the next 5 rounds or do the side effects build up over time?
Keep well all,

Replied On: Oct 01, 2009 09:33am

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I completed FCR in January this year. Lucky you that the Rituxamab drip is only four hours! Mine was more like six and terribly boring! However, on to effects, similarly to the reply to Lisa, effects vary from person to person. I had none of the effects explained to me from the R but did take some time off of work, about seven individual days because of sheer tiredness. If you are physically strong, you should be able to manage the same with all three of the drugs. If you are working, focussing on work is a good distraction in my opinion. I was 61 when having FCR and 53 when taking oral FC only. The FCR has given me remission with no discernable evidence of CLL following a bone marrow aspirate and CT scan. Look forward to reaching that stage!

Good luck with your treatment.


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