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Topic Made On: Sep 30, 2009 10:49pm
lisa c

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hi all, could anybody give me some indication how long nausea will last . 3 days of 'fc' and into the third day without chemo. does this go on for long ? does it get better before the next cycle in three weeks. thanks.

Replied On: Oct 01, 2009 09:15am

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Sorry to hear your suffering but I think the answer is that we are all different and there is no standard reaction to the chemotherapy.
What I would suggest though is that you talk to the team looking after you explaining in detail your reaction to the drugs. They have a bewildering array of anti-sickness drugs available to them and (I think) invariably commence with the least expensive and then start to work up the price scale. I suffered (I think) quite badly and it took 3 cycles before they got the vomiting under control with a mixture of Ondansetron Melts and Dexamethasone (steroids).

Anyway good luck it might be rough at the moment but look to the long term - itís fantastic when it stops!


Replied On: Oct 01, 2009 09:22am

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I think that you will find that the effects will vary from person to person. Assuming that you are taking oral FC, you may find little or no effect. I first took FC eight years ago, five days by six lots with four weeks break in between. Only in the last three sessions did I take one day off of work. However, I am aware that some can get effects of tiredness fairly quickly. I found drinking lots of water to help keep the toxin levels down and plenty of exercise a good medium to keep up the strength and focus on other things. On the second batch that I had ending January this year, that is FCR over six months, I had about seven individual days off because of tiredness. The anti nausea pills are good and do help to reduce that feeling of wanting to puke.

Best wishes with your treatment.


Replied On: Oct 01, 2009 11:02am

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This is my experience of RFC.

I have Rituxan over 2 days, mainly due to the reason that I love Rituxan, but Rituxan hates me. I have my infusions really slowly because of sensitivity reactions. But other than this I have not experienced any other side effects.

Regarding the F&C (5 days of the tablets). I found that the nausea would start to kick in on day 3 of taking the tablets and last through to about day 10. I am afraid to tell you that the depth/effect of the nausea does increase as you go through the rounds of treatment.



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