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We have been approached by NICE regarding a scoping workshop and Bendamustine for the treatment of CLL.

The outline details follow below. If anyone is interested in being involved in this, then please let me know.




Proposed NICE Single Health Technology Appraisal

Bendamustine for the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

Scoping Workshop: Monday 18th January 2010

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has been invited to carry out an appraisal of bendamustine for the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia.

We would like to invite your organisation to send a maximum of two people to attend a ‘scoping workshop’, to further explore the remit and scope for this proposed appraisal. Please note that we will shortly be writing to you to invite your organisation to participate in the written consultation of the draft scope and remit, and comments received will be used to form the content of the scoping workshop.

The scoping workshop for this proposed appraisal will take place on Monday 18th January 2010 at the NICE offices in Manchester; a map and agenda are attached (Appendices 1 and 2). Refreshments will be available from 09.30am; the meeting will start promptly at 10.00am and is expected to last for approximately two and a half hours.

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I attended the scoping workshop representing this forum and below is an update:

The purpose of the workshop was to agree the scope of their study into the possible use of Bendamustine for the treatment of CLL.

It is fair to say that whilst this was not the correct forum (but it’s never too early to start banging the drum) both the haematologists who attended (and myself) supported the inclusion of Bendamustine in their armoury.

The discussion on the scope centred on whether Bendamustine should be compared against Chlorambucil or Fludarabine it was generally agreed that Bendamustine sat midway between the two with FCR still considered as the gold standard treatment for CLL.

So the scope was agreed as: ‘Previously untreated patients with CLL (Binet stage B or C) for whom Fludarabine combination chemotherapy is not appropriate’.

Next step is that the scope is subject to a single technological appraisal and that the findings will be submitted to the minister for approval.

The decision is expected in March when (if it is successful) another meeting will be called which I will be invited to and I will update the forum as and when I have more information.


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