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Does anyone know the significance of being classed as having refractory CLL but NOT having p53 deletion? What other causes are there for CLL becoming resistant to Fludarabine?

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Robert Cork

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My simple understanding of this is that you are no longer sensitive to Fludarabine, but you do not have a p53 deletion. Therefore any future treatment would probably exclude drugs that work on a similar pathway as Fludarabine.

I have received Fludarabine on 2 occasions now, it's unlikely that I will take a 3rd treatment as it will not be as effective.

Not sure if this reply will help you.

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Does anybody have any info to pass on regarding 17p deletion, we know very little except it does not respond to normal chemo. This being the case my husband's first treatment for cll was prednisilone at 100mg a day for several months reducing to nil - unfortunately he was not given alandronic acid to prevent osteoporosis until it had developed and now has 4 fractured vertebrae. he had surgery to try and patch up the crumbling vertebrae which was not very successful. He now wears a brace to support his spine and takes daily methadone and oxycontin to control the pain. He is prone to sepsis and has been hospitalised for that and more recently for cellulitis (two attacks of this in the last 5 weeks - one needing for 10 days. He currently is having cryotherapy for lesions on his foot and is about to have a basel carcenoma dealt with on his nose.

He is concerned that any further steroid treatment for cll would further reduce his resistance to infections and certainly wouldn't help his spine.

He attends clinic and day ward every 28 days for ivig,(this he has had for 21 months to date) but I have noticed he is increasingly tired and sleeping during each day.

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