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Topic Made On: Aug 20, 2010 09:19am

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Hi,I have been for the last week suffering with felling blocked up in my nasal passage.When I blow my nose it produces congealed blood,not in huge amounts,but for me who nevers suffers nose bleeds its a concern.I did suffer last winter for months with Sinusitis which took repeated antibiotics and steriod treatments to clear.I was diagnosed with Cll around 6 years ago my last WBC was 130.I've had no treatment as yet although I believe its imminent and am seeing the consultant in 2 weeks.I would be grateful for any feedback.Lee

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Hi Kestrel
Nasal blood is normal with a blocked nose, think it would only be a problem if it was bleeding a lot for a long time. Try not to worry. Its difficult isn't. I put a post on here under infections as I am worried, but so far no one has bothered to reply. O Well.

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