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My father has been diagnosed in the last 3 months with CLL. Apparently the doctors have been watching his blood counts for the last couple of years but due to him fighting lung and bladder cancer didn't feel it was appropriate to throw this in as well.

He has asked me over the last couple of days whether i thought a flu jab was a good idea. He isn't due to visit the hospital until early in the new year for a check up but just wondered if this was something that was recommended to patients with CLL.

When he was having treatment for his bladder cancer it was recommended that he didn't have the jab but that was 4 years ago and things may have moved on since then.


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I can only talk for the CLL side of the equation.

I have had an aggressive version of CLL for 3 years and undergone chemotherapy and during all that period my Haematologist recommended the Influenza Vaccination. I have never had any ill effects from it and I recently (on Saturday) had this year’s version.

However I strongly recommend that he seeks medical advice on how it all sits with the other cancers.


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Sara, I have had CLL for 11 years and have been heavily treated over that time. I usually have no problem with the flu injection, but this year the injection contained Swine Flu. 9 days on and I am still feeling unwell - fluctuating temperature for a few days and now a urine infection for which I am receiving antibiotics. I did not know the injection contained swine flu when I was given it, otherwise I would not have had that particular injection I would suggest that if your father decides to take the flu jab, that he asks his surgery for separate jabs with a week inbetween.


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