F.C.R. Treatment

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Hi,everyone I felt that I have to share my treatment experience.I attended Basildon hospital day ward just over two weeks ago.I had to have my first FCR treatment 2,days intravenous and then 5,day oral chemotherapy.The staff at the day ward were very supportive and helpful.The intravenous treatment went fine as did the oral chemo,and I was not sick.(I know I'm one of the lucky ones)The haematologist said prior to my treatment that my swollen lymph glands would start to reduce at sometime during my 6,months of treatment.I have noted that the cricket ball size lymph glands in my neck have gone right down,and you know the old saying you don't know how ill you really feel until you start to feel better.Well its happening to me.I generally feel a lot better,and energy levels are returning.I know its only the early stages of my treatment,but I felt it was right to share a positive with you all.I understand all the fears that the diagnoses of Cll brings,and for those of you who have just found out they have CLL,and all the questions we all have?Best wishes to you all...Lee

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Hi Kestrel

I am having FCR too just finishing the third cycle tablets tomorrow. I haven't been sick either and the counts are now just about normal. Like you I feel so much better and didn't really think I was ill before. The Consultant says I might just need four treatments instead of six but I am willing to do anything to keep cll at bay.
Keep well and I hope you have excellent results. Shows not everyone feels ill with this treatment a positive sign.

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