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My husband has now had five cycles of FCR but found the last one physically very draining and he was extremely tired afterwards. We have now been told that his red blood cell count is down to 9 which indicates haemolysis. He was due his 6th cycle of FCR this week but it's been postponed and he now has to have another bone marrow biopsy instead. His white cell count is now down to 1 but had been 150 before FCR treatment. Has anyone else experienced this drop in red blood cells and should he consider not having the last treatment?

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posted on behalf of Pauline

Hi, Yes, my partner had only one cycle of FCR, his white cell count beforehand was 210, his red cell was 13.5, afterwards, white cells were 0.25 and red cells (HG) only 7.5. He had to get blood transfusions at home and the fludarabine was stopped. They won't give him any more and we are awaiting the final approval for bendamustine/rituximab regime, hopefully to start later this week. Hope all goes well for your husband, Pauline.

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