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Self help, hygiene and reducing the risk of opportunist infection.

One of the bugbears of a reduced immunity is trying not to become obsessive about risk . A visit to a Doc on Tuesday was ruined by him sneezing in my face and wiping his dripping nose with his hand (a doctor)! However I was gob smacked when Salem my Tom cat mewed at me in a croaky voice, then jumped on my lap for a cuddle and sneezed in my face too.( I don’t think I can catch a cat cold)LOL.

But it got me thinking where do I draw the line? Become a recluse and hide from my own kids and pets, wearing a mask and mitts? Over the top, but you get my gist. At my CLL meeting in the Midlands on Weds I received their updated take on the situation,

UK CLLSA, Self Help; Managing your health.

This article doesn’t seem to leave a stone unturned

Links in this section
“Two warnings- always consider what you read carefully, it may not apply to you. Although I have selected the most useful sites that I can find, (April 2011) things change fast over time. As we get more knowledge, the sites may become inaccurate. Some of the sites are commercial; inclusion of their site is not an endorsement of the product. CLLSA has no links with the manufacturers but their sites are currently the best way of providing the facts.”

on a humus note:

Soil“If you want to garden, then protect yourself by wearing gardening gloves and get someone else to dig, mow the lawn, turn compost heaps and soil”

I wonder how Ceri will feel about this LOL

An important site useful for all cancer patients especially during and after chemo and stem cell transplant.: Read and take what you want.

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Hi all,

that time's here again. Remember your jabs

Although CLL patients may not get the full protection from vaccines, it is recommended that we are vaccinated.

Influenza vaccine -is recommended annually before the influenza season.Up to date Pneumococcal vaccination is recommended for all CLL patients.

There are different triggers to be on the vaccination notification list. You may be over 65 you may have a co-morbidity that puts you in a high risk category or you may be on the cancer register. It would appear that not all cases get a notification, practices vary and often younger patients can be missed from the list. Advice received from my GP today is to contact your GP surgery in the first two weeks of September, they will then know when vaccination stock will be issued, You may be able to make an appointment then, or will be notified when to contact them. if in doubt do not rely on them contacting you. better to be vaccinated early than join the soup in the waiting area later when risk of infection will be greater. I am booked for October 1st which is the first day my Gp's surgery commences vaccinating.

Take care


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