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Hi all,
I'm heather, age 42. 4 children, 21, 10, 9 and 6.
I'm under Dr Wright at pontefract general hospital

I was diagnosed in June 2010 with cll, given my young age, I had a ct scan and a BMB, ct scan showed shotty nodes under arms, nothing else amiss, bone marrow is another story, I have 13q deletion, cd38 negative, but P53 deletion :(

I have night sweats, lymphocyte count is 22.8 and WBC is 19.7, all other bloods are normal, lumps under arm are now visible, I've also had a persistent cough since the beg of dec, 3 lots of antibiotics haven't shifted it, I've also had sinusitis and antibiotics for that too, I'm on watch and wait and back at hospital every 3 months, I do have very good supporting gp's although they don't know a lot, my main concern is P53 deletion so young and so early on. Xx

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Welcome aboard.
Get yourself a copy of The China Study by Dr Colin Campbell. I believe that diet is very important, possibly critical[I'm a Vegan]. Kids will be kids; but you need to eat exactly what you need.


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