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please can anybody tell me the advantages of green tea? thankyou hazel

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Green Tea contains an antioxidant called: Epigallocatechin Gallate [EGCG] which is effective at protecting cells from harmful damage. There are claims that EGCG not only inhibits the growth of new cancer cells; but it also kills some of the existing cancer cells without harming the healthy ones.
I'm not medically qualified to confirm the above, but I can confirm that my diet (which includes Green Tea) may be the cause of my WBC,Lymphocyte, HB and Neutrophil counts going in the right direction twice in a row.
Good luck.

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I've been taking a green tea capsule daily for last 9 months (at that time my lymphocytes had gone up by a few thousand so I thought there must be something I can do to help myself). Next 3 months it had gone down a bit and it's stayed reasonably stable since. Maybe I'm just in remission but I wouldn't want to stop it. I have not gone the whole hog and become vegan although I did read "The China Study", I just try to have a well balanced diet.At almost 83 I want to keep away from chemo if possible for as long as I can.

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