Bendamustine and Ofatumumab

Topic Made On: Aug 28, 2012 06:08pm
Robert Cork

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I am also on Bendamustine, but with Ofatumumab (kissing cousin of Rituximab). The first round was Bendamustine on its own, just to debulk, the 3cm lymph nodes just melted away within a few days.

So far blood counts holding up, HB = 12 and Platelets = 150, a record for me.

Only issue so far is that on round 2, Ofatumumab was added to the mix and I had a skin reaction at the 100 ml/hr infusion rate so the day was cancelled. Then on round 3 I picked up a chest infection so the Ofatumumab was cancelled. Hopefully at round 4 I will get the Ofatumumab. I am not too worried about this as the Ofatumumab will just be added as single agent after round 6, a bit like a consolidation treatment.



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