deuterium depleted water against cancer

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Hi Everyone!
I just wonder has anybody ever heard about a new complementary/alternative treatment option for cancer, which is based on the consumption of deuterium depleted water.
A friend of mine recommended trying deuterium depletion, it has got no side effect and it is safety. It is a well known supportive therapy for cancer patients in Hungary ( he is Hungarian ) and in some European countries. During the treatment have to drink a deuterium depleted water, to reduce the deuterium level of the body.
I have been just diagnosed with cancer , and have started my chemo, but suffering from the side effects and I strongly believe in natural medicines. I want to try everything what is available to be healthy again.
Thanks for any info!

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You say you have been diagnosed with Cancer, is it CLL? Do let us know how you get on with deuterium water. How does one get it and how much does it cost? I would want to know far more before trying it. Any statistics?

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This the first that I've heard of this particular treatment; however, what I can vouch for is the importance of diet.
I'm on a vegan diet, and since becoming vegan; four of my five, key blood counts have been going in the right direction. I'm due for another blood test soon, so here's hoping.

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