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I've had cll for two years, lymphocyte count has been steadily rising, dec result was 29.2 and may result had jumped a bit at 36.7, had bloods done last week, lymph count was 21.6, where have they gone? Does this indicate that it's more unstable? I can't get hold of the consultant to ask, I've got lumps in neck and under arm, night sweats and I'm continually tired, although all other bloods are ok apart from WBC x

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Hi Heatherf

I usually see the consultant with my blood results so have not had this problem yet. I wonder if perhaps your GP may be the best person to share your concerns with as he/she will have better access to the consultant, and can see you get to the right person for the information you need. Wouldn't it be good if there was a contact within each clinic to take these concerns to. Good luck. Hopefully someone here can help too.

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