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Hi.My name is Lee and I am post 2 years chemo.on FCR.unfortunately the CLL has returned!
The lymph glands in my neck are really enlarged much more than the Last time.Although I going for
a bone marrow biopsy this week,and I wonder if anyone has any advice on reducing the glands as they are becoming quite painful ,and it feels as though I've swallowed both the chicken and the egg and their stuck? or is it only chemo that may help.I would appreciate any advice,and has anyone found themselves in the same situation,and how did a further round of chemo go??

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The only way to have your lymph glands go not is through chemo. My husband has swollen lymph glands in his neck, chest, abdomen, and groin. This is after one round of chemo 2 years ago. He is now going to start a clinical trial in Columbus Ohio. Hope all goes well.


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I am sorry to read that your disease is back causing you problems again and this time your nodes are more affected. The “ business end of CLL is in the lymph nodes “. It is thought that the clonal variety of CLL cells left behing following treatment is altered. thus on the diseases return it is not unusual for the disease to display different characteristics in you.

Your BMB and cytogenetic testing by your consultant will provide a clearer picture of what is going on. If nodes are interfering with other functions or developing very rapidly treatment may be indicated as suggested by Michigan.

As you are aware infection or reaction to stimulus can cause large nodes to further enlarge and become more painful, the infection or reaction passing may allow them to settle back again.

This is a recent discussion of strategies at{!/#cllsupport/questions/901229/remedies-for-swollen-neck-node-discomfort

I am sure others will be able to chip in with strategies that they have found helpful.

Good luck


The late Professor Hamblin wrote an interesting article in his blog:

What is going on in the lymph nodes in CLL? :

“Normally a lymph node is about the size of a split pea, so if you can feel them at all they are enormously enlarged. Most people with CLL don't have palpably enlarged lymph nodes or if they do, only one or two are enlarged. However, in some people the nodes are huge, bigger than a hen's egg, and this is generally an indication that treatment is indicated.”

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