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Hello. I am a newby....I was diagnosed with CLL 5 years ago, it was found during a routine blood test. I had a bone marrow test also, taking marrow from my hip.
I was told I was to watch and wait and that I had nothing to be worried about
last week again during a routine test it was found I had white cells in my urine. I had to ask if it could be connected to CLL.
I have had stomach pain with some swelling, constant severe tiredness, very itchy skin and lots of bruising..... Should I be concerned. I am to have a blood test in 2 weeks.....very confused.

Just got to say thank you to all concerned in making this site, what a mine of information well done keep up the good work

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Pressure your GP to get your blood test done a lot quicker than in two weeks. I don't know what part of the world you're in because where I am, I would have no problem getting a blood test done at least twice as quick as that.

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