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Hi all - my Dad had CLL and lived with it for 5 years, he had a burst of chemo and barely took a day off work with it. Being an ex-soldier he wouldnt let anything beat him.

The day he was diagnosed, he said to me, dont worry, Ill see your girls married, I'm not going anywhere.

Last week he went to visit my brother in Canada with my Mum and on a flight to Vegas for a holiday he had a stroke. He survived that stroke for a few hours in hospital, but they needed to drain the pressure fluid off of his brain....but his bloods weren't stable enough and his heart raced when they flooded his body with extra platlets, causing him to flat line for 3 mins - ultimately starving his brain of oxygen.

I was back here in the UK waiting on every phone call in the middle of the night, hoping for a miracle.

That wasnt to be - we had to turn the life support machine off last week and let him go. He was only 63.

My mum and brother arrived back in the UK yesterday, although it looks like repatriation cannot happen for another 1-2 weeks due to red tape. We are all devastated.

If it wasnt for his condition I believe he would have made it through the stroke, but then we were always told it wont be the CLL that gets him, it will be something else.

Life can be so cruel sometimes........

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Hello Vaughanmaria

Just a small note to send you sympathy at such a tragic time. Losing someone you love is so hard at any time, but suddenly, and a continent away is a cruel pain, and there is much for you and your family to go through because of the circumstances.

I can only send you deepest sympathy and wish you and yours strength to cope with your loss and the days ahead.

Best wishes


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Thanks Bubble55 x

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