Pneumonia Vaccinations

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I have just visited my Spanish Dr and explained I needed a pneumonia vacc, and that, of the 2 available, the Prevenar 13 was recommended for CLLers rather than Pneumovax 23.

He said "Yes, yes" and gave me a chit to show to the nurse ... when I looked at it, he'd checked the Pneumovax (equivalent) box, and the nurse said "I'll have to order it and phone you when we have some" (this would be free or a nominal charge of 10%).

So I go along to my friendly pharmacist who tells me that they have Prevenar in stock, at a cost of about $58/dose, while Pneumovax costs a mere $11 a shot!! That explains a lot.

Anyway, I am thinking of having the freebie, and then paying for the recommended one, after a 'safe interval'.

My question is, to any medical professionals out there, what would a 'safe interval' be, between doses of the 2 vaccines? (Or would it just be better to have just the one?)

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Hi Roger
I'm about to have my vaccination at my GP surgery next week and am busily trying to establish which one to have. I will let you know once I've established.
Have you has yours yet?

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