Can you help? Has anyone had heart drugs affecting leukemia and increasing white blood cell count?

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Does anyone have experience of statins (Atorvastatin), beta-blockers (Bisoprolol) or anti-platelet Ticagrelor medications increasing their white blood cell count? My husband recently had a heart attack and has been prescribed the above standard drugs. He also has CLL (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia). Just before starting his heart medication, the hospital did a blood test which showed a decrease in his lymphocytes. We were delighted as we had been on a raw diet and were trying various other strategies for helping his CLL. Two weeks after taking the heart medications he went for his CLL check with the haemotologist and we were amazed that his lymphocytes had doubled from 66,00 to 140,00. This doctor is now talking about chemotherapy at the end of the year. He did not think our enquiry about the new drugs relevant. My husband cannot be the only person who has CLL to have a heart attack. If anyone has had a simliar experience I would really appreciate hearing from you. We are wondering which medication may be responsible and whether to come off it or not. Obviously, he does not want to have chemotherapy unless it is absolutely necessary. Thank you.

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Hi Amy,

Really sorry to hear of your poor husbands heart attack, hope he is soon on the road to recovery. I have been on 10mg of Ramipril (ACE inhibitor) and 40mg Simvastatin for many years to control both high blood pressure and elevated Cholesterol levels. As far as I am aware they never affected my white cell count. I was diagnosed with CLL in 2008 and put on watch and wait until March 2011. In March 2011 I had severe breathing difficulties and was rushed to A&E. I was diagnosed with Congestive heart failure as a result of an infection. This infection was thought to have been attributed to the effects the CLL was having on my immune system. A CT scan I had whilst in hospital to confirm Pleural fluid around the lungs (the breathing difficulties) also showed a number of swollen lymph nodes and a swollen spleen and I started chemotherapy a month later. To control the heart failure I was prescribed with 2.5mg of Bisoprolol and 40mg of Furosemide. I have now been on watch & re-wait for nearly three years after my FCR chemo treatment and have no evidence of my heart medication causing a rise in my white cell count. As Nick pointed out Lymphocytes are strange little critters. His haematologist should be looking into the rise in WBC count. Definitely do not let him come off the heart medication without consulting his specialists (heart and CLL) first.

Take care and good luck


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I,m 84 had a heart attack 30 years ago,I have.been on beta blockers for 29 years (timolol then bisoprolol for past 6 months).I also take a statin I've had CLL for seven years now but my counts have been about 22k for the last three years. I have always put my stable condition down to the green tea extract that I take daily.

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