Ibrutinib U.K

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Hi, it is a long time since I have been in touch, mainly due to the fact that we moved house in order to be nearer hospitals for cll problems etc., My husband has been proposed for inclusion in the U.K. named patient use for this new drug, I understand the opportunity is available until September only. He would appear to have the necessary qualifications for acceptance - ie p17 deletion, therefore no chemo, frequent infections, low immunity. he is 74 years old, he has had pneumonia once this year, recently had surgery for squarmous cell carsenoma on his head. He has ivig every 28 days which certainly helps the infections.

My purpose in contacting you is to ask if anybody else has/is being considered??The dilema we face is the fact that he takes warfarin (life-time) and this is not acceptable with Ibrutinib, therefore he will have to take Tanzaparin, but he will still be at risk of bleeding...... any comments please?? best wishes to you all .

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