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NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) is a Special Health Authority, dedicated to saving and improving lives through the wide range of services provided to the NHS and independent healthcare organisations within England and North Wales. Our purpose is to save and improve lives. Our ambition is to be the best organisation of our type in the world.

NHSBT is responsible for:
Encouraging people to donate blood, organs, stem cells and tissues
Optimising the safety and supply of blood, organs, stem cells and tissues and matching them to patients
Helping to raise the quality, effectiveness and clinical outcomes of blood and transplant services
Providing expert advice to other NHS organisations, and to the health departments of the four UK countries
Commissioning and conducting research and development to improve outcomes for patients
Implementing relevant EU statutory frameworks and guidance
The Patient Blood Management (PBM) Team comprises of a team of senior nurses and biomedical scientists who support hospital colleagues to deliver Patient Blood Management initiatives. PBM is a multi-disciplinary, evidence-based approach to ensuring the best care for patients who may need a blood transfusion. The PBM team work with hospitals and national groups to promote safe and appropriate use of blood components in hospitals. We also design and produce a series of educational materials and tools for staff, patients and the public including leaflets, posters and materials for awareness campaigns. Having sound knowledge upon which to base their decisions ensures that patients are able to make an informed choice about their care and treatment.
Information for patients and the public about blood transfusion can be found at:

Updates to the material on the NHS Choices website can be found at:

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