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I was diagnosed with CLL in 2010 (I am now 66) and have been on watch & wait since then. However, I had a bone marrow biopsy in October and was told that the infiltration into my bone marrow is not too bad!! But, I have been diagnosed with CVID, Common Variable Immunodeficency as well. My doctor is in Athens and although she is one of the top in her field she does not speak English very well - also Athens is 240km from where I live - so I got the result over the phone (not good). I am not having treatment at the moment, but as soon as I start getting infections again I will have to go to the hospital for Immunoglobin infusion or injections.

Can anyone help with any advice - my family are all in the UK so I dont have much support out here - my husband seems to ignore everything concerned with CLL and hasnt even looked up on the internet what CVID is!!

I try to keep positive and mostly feel quite well apart from being so tired all the time and really bad arthritis now in my back and neck.

Sorry I just seem as if I'm moaning. Look forward to hearing from anyone.

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