CLL and Parkinson's

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Hello one and all,
I am a 59 year old male and was diagnosed with CLL in January 2012 I am currently under St Bartholomew's Hospital in London and I live in South East Essex.

I am currently on 'watch & wait' with a 3 month gap between visits, blood tests etc. Recently, I have become more and more fatigued and went and saw my GP. To my shock he said that I was exhibiting signs of early onset Parkinsons and has referred me to a neurology Consultant. My wife who is a retired Nurse is very anxious at this initial diagnosis and I am worried that the muscle pain, fatigue and other things may point to a deterioration in both my CLL and the possibility of Parkinsons.

I'm due to see my CLL Consultant in a months time and have resisted contacting him as I don't want to appear to waste his time.

I thought I'd post something on here to see if anyone else has some knowledge/experience of the 2 conditions running alongside one another. Would be useful to have some background to discuss with my Consultant when I see him next month.

Sorry to ask but as you can imagine I'm somewhat anxious to say the least.


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Hello Stuart,

There is no biological or medical reason why CLL and Parkinson's disease should co-exist. CLL affects the immune system and Parkinson's is a problem with chemical neurotransmitters. However this year a suggestion has been made that Parkinson's may have an immune component:

However there will be a statistical relationship. The incidence of CLL in men aged 55-59 is 156 per year in a population of 100,000.
(Figures from )

The number of people with Parkinson's disease in the UK is 10/10000 or 100 in a population of 100,000
(Figures from )

So now if we think of our population of 100,000 people, about 100 men will have Parkinson's and 156 men aged 55-59 will get CLL. So there is a small but real chance that some people might have both diseases.

I hope this is clear. I am sorry that I could not find figures that would tell you how many people with CLL will get Parkinson's by 'chance' association.

Good luck in your discussions with consultants.


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Posted on behalf of a member.
Hey Stuart! I am 57 year old male had cll for 4 years on watch and wait. Just been to see the neurologist who thinks I may have Parkinsons and is investigating further the facilations in my legs and arms (involuntary twitches) hoping to rule out motor neurone - ALS. from what's on offer I will take the Parkinsons
Keep us posted and all the best, Jess

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