Rituximab and IDELA trial

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I have 17p deletion and im going on rituximab and idela trial as a first line treatment, i have night sweats, joint pain severe fatigue and various swollen lymph nodes
I was diagnosed 4 years ago at the tender age of 42, can anyone tell me what side effects i can expect from Rituximab?

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steve y

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Hi Heather, Sorry to hear GPU were diagnosed so young.
I am 56 and was diagnosed in October 2013, just a routine blood test after feeling fatigued.
I started my first 6 months of FCR in June 2014.
The (R),Retuximab was given on my 2nd of 6 monthly cycles, it did not go too well as I passed out in the day unit.
I came round quickly with no I'll effects and to be honest I can be a bit of a fainter!.
The next month I was given it slowly as an in patient, all went well.
The Third and following treatments of Retuximab was given in the day unit, monthly and went smoothly.
I am told my case of passing out was uncommon and can honestly say I could not notice any effects of the Retuximab.
The tablets I took home, (F and C) had a cummalative effect , mostly on my stomach.
I have now finished my first of 6 months of chemo, have my checkup mid March then hopefully a few years disease free .
I still am fatigued but looking forward to some good years and feeling better by the week.
Good Luck
All the best
Steve (Coventry).
PS excuse any typos , typing this from my phone.

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