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I've had CLL for about 8 years now and I'm currently halfway through FCR chemo treatment. My problem is the anti nausea drug they are giving me doesn't seem to working well and causing other side effects. The drug is cyclazine and although I've mentioned it at every assessment they just keep upping the dose which is certainly reducing the nauseous feeling slightly but it is now going on a lot longer after chemo - now up to 9 days after chemo. They seem reluctant to try anything else and I'm beginning to dread the treatments because of the anti nausea drugs which is ridiculous really. Anybody out there who has been treated with FCR and been given an effective drug to combat the nausea or perhaps it's just something I've got to put up with.

Good luck to you all.

Regards - Lesley

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Hi Lesley
I have not been through the Chemo process but know of others that have used ginger as a anti nausea. Here is a link that may explain. and please work with your doctor.
Hope it helps

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Hi Lesley,

I finished my FCR treatment last September. Each cycle, six of them, I was sick with each one, usually on the second day of taking my tablets. I phoned the ward that were doing the treatment and they had me pop in to the ward where they gave me an anti sickness injection, which did stop me from vomiting but still felt a bit of nausea. they had me on three different anti sickness tablets but none seemed to stop it.

I just accepted that was how it was going to be. It got to the point that just looking at the chemo tablets at the start of my last two cycles made me feel sick. My only concern was that I would bring up the chemo tablets but luckily I didn't.

If you have any doubts or concerns, don't hesitate to call your hospital/clinic, who are doing the treatment, for some guidance/reassurance.

Good luck with the rest of your treatment,

All the best, Peter

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i suffered through the toxic Violationtail of FCR too a couple of years ago - the nausea got progressively worse each month, and none of the magic chemical pills and potions helped me. like another here, ginger helped. but because it's free and "anecdotal" - despite being well tried and tested, and a remedy going back thousands of years - the pharmacists don't "prescribe" it, because it's not in their repertoire of tablets and powders and such. one even tried to analyse my use, by how big a slice, etc. i chewed and sucked on raw ginger root - peeled and a slice about coin-size, or just slivers or small chunks. another pharmacist and oddly even most of the nurses i encountered had never heard of using it. weird. it did ease the nausea but as the symptoms got worse towards the end of my 7 months (meant to be 8, but that's another story) nothing really helped, so i just lay and wallowed in the misery, and sipped water for the 3 or 4 days while it passed. mint will help too. if you don't like the raw ginger root, then a ginger tea, or ginger sweets, or stem ginger.

also, and i have never indulged, i have heard the absolute best anti-emetic for battling nausea is marijuana. another "offical" no-no at the moment, at least here in the UK - unless you happen to be in one of the more enlightened American states who'd recently legitimised its use for medical and other purposes. but it's time is probably coming - those states and a couple of countries are test cases for big business to finally get their grubby corporate hands in the heretofore big black market pie.

if you try it (marijuana, not ginger) give us a report back here on how effective it was.

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the "violation"tail was the innocent word for a simple mixed alcoholic drink taken of an evening - c0cktail. did that get through the automated censor? it's a f*cking wonder that "marijuana" wasn't deleted.

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