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I hope my experience may give all my fellow CLLers here some indication of the source of the bacteria that cause my increase in Lymphocytes and the need to educate our dentists of our vulnerability when carrying out cleaning procedures or dental work.

Robert was kind enough to add some images I provided in connection with my Root canals exposed in my mouth, one has lost the repair all together, this situation is real time with the infection clear as can be, it is a good example of what is hiding in our teeth so let us use the negative situation I find myself in and create some positive information.

The last molar is also in a bad way, now there is no pain in the tooth area but some in the jaw, side of the head and this noise in my right ear and that is what makes this repairs dangerous we are not aware of the tooth infections, you see there is no pain at the teeth even now 20 days after I lost the repair.

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4

I also include one which is showing signs of separation and leaking dark area.

Here is the one that shows possible infection in the surrounding tissue .

I thought to include some of my skin issues from 2012 excuse my DIY iodine “supposed solar keratosis” repair method
solar keratosis 1
solar keratosis 2
I had to hide from the world for a while, but the iodine worked wonders the iodine penetrated right to the core, the biggest surprise was the regeneration of the skin.
But more importantly look at the proximity of the infections, which correspond to the internal area of where my gum meets my lips on the inside, this were wrongly blamed to the sun, I on purpose exposed my skin to sun with no reoccurrence since the extraction of the 34 year old gold tooth, look at this image
at the time of extraction look at the infection within the gold tooth, the x-rays could not penetrate the gold so appeared well to the dentist, it had to be pulled bit by rotten bit with further surgery to remove the roots.

So here is proof enough that in my case anyway the possibility of my dental source of CLL, with the gold tooth extracted I was able to get my WBC in the normal range. But I feel I am in a tug of war situation, when I eat carbs sugars etc. my WBC increase Lymphocytes mainly, when I return back on the strict diet the Lymphocytes drop back down, to me it indicates that the bacteria in this leaking teeth cause the increase and challenge my immune system.

Now I will also like to add my latest dental experience I had since last year asked the dentist to extract the tooth that is now exposed and he has refused, instead persisted to clean my teeth which caused my gums to go enflamed, followed with fever like symptoms and nights sweats for a few days after. After the 3rd clean with the same side effects, I asked for a Prophylactic antibiotics before the next clean and he refused to issue me with the prescription and referred me back to my GP who also would not consider it, so I had to cancel my appointment for yet another unnecessary clean which aggravated my situation.

The last 20 days I am walking around with the exposed root canal and a half sealed one and the dentist is using every reason not to give me an appointment. Tried to get other dentist appointment but the earliest is now on the 20th that is a month from when I required an emergency appointment, all this time the infected root canal is exposed, the noise in my ears is driving me mad. I will like to repeat that god forbid by extracting the root canals and my CLL disappears altogether.

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It is 3am and Ï am awake with the noise in my ear and that heart beat sound in my ear.
Yesterday I finally had my emergency appointment with the dentist, strangely enough at the same time the other dentist that I made had phoned and for the 2nd time cancelled my emergency appointment for the 20th.
Now the big surprise and very important for all of us here. The teeth that are in the images above in the previous post above exposed and there is no pain even with the one showing the roots of the tooth ARE NOT ROOT CANALS so we have another big concern here but also highlights another hidden source of bacteria infection besides the root canals without any pain been present. The dentist did explain that are different reasons for that, but I will like to look more into it now.
Now back to the dentist, he has not extracted my teeth as I requested, he asked for my NHS number so he can communicate with my oncologists and once he establishes the high blood counts he will prescribe the prophylactic antibiotics and carry out the extractions, what concerns me is I have made them aware that I am already on antibiotics?
I also mentioned that besides the noise in my ears my right eye is showing signs of infection and I very concerned. It is almost a month since I lost the repair now.
But at least now we CLLers have another hidden source of bacteria besides the root canals. Before the loss of the repair and my own borescope inspection I would not have been aware that there is anything happening in those mollers.
My cousin has made me aware that in USA he had a similar situation, his dentist uses liquid nitrogen on the teeth and teeth that do not show any pain are attended. The tooth that was identified in his case the repair was removed the cavity was cleaned out and then iodine was applied to the area for about 2 hours before finally resealing it.
SO AGAIN it points to dental hidden bacteria in not only root canals but in teeth that we and our dentist assume all is fine.

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Just an update, after over 30days of waiting for my dentist for an emergency appointment the dentist finally saw me and once again did not take seriously the fact that the tooth had lost the repair and the other one had half a repair intact, the fact that I have high blood counts were not considered and still delayed the process even further, I finally had to go to another dentist who referred me to a dental surgeon.
A full mouth xray exposed a even worse situation on the left side, it appears the swelling I had brought to the attention at the time just before the dx back in 2008/09 was an infected molar which has been busy infecting me all along but the other tooth behind was extracted instead.
So now on the 91 st day after I had ask for an emergency appointment the 2 molars on the right side have been extracted on the 21st December, on the 18th January next Wednesday the one on the left will be extracted. I was given the option of a root canal treatment of the molar on the left hand lower side but I refused, I want the tooth extracted and by doing so I hope to prove my theory that the source of the so called CLL is dental. Oh once again must mention NO TOOTHACHE PRESSENT and it turns out all the 3 molars which are finally been attended to are NOT ROOT CANALS either. So the no pain issue may be the reason why the dental source of our so called CLL goes unnoticed.

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Hello Everyone
Hope you are well and the New Year is treating you well.
I just want to update my dental Journey so far. Had the last molar on the left hand side was extracted, it was infected but a very easy extraction compared to the other two on the right hand side.
But with this molar extraction had more issues and I believe it was because of the present infection and also even though it was the same hospital that carried out the procedure at the same clinic but a different team. No prophylactic antibiotics, night sweats for around 3 nights and the most swelling in the bottom of my neck area just above the collar bone. 6 weeks on still swollen what a ridiculous situation trying to get antibiotics the dental surgeon referring me my GP and the GP refusing because his NICE guidelines says it is not his responsibilities.
Anyway on the positive side immediately after the extraction I asked for my tooth to get it tested for infections wh,2 isolates were noted 1. Streptococcus mitis and 2. Serratia marcescens so now we have identified 2 bacterial infections which have been present since my DX.
Both those bacterial infections can be very dangerous and yes can be life threatening and have a good read on Serratia Marcescens ARE THIS 2 BACTERIA RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR SO CALLED CLL ???

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