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Reading these posts I felt the need to tell you that my husband is patient of Dr Milligan, Heartlands (and Richard Lovell) and has had the most superb care and attention from this team. Through him he has been fortunate enough to have taken part in trials of new treaments and drugs not available elsewhere at the time.(He, of course, had to opt to take those risks) We have marvelled several times how lucky we have been to live locally to a hospital involved globally in research into this and related diseases. Although taking part in trials runs it's own risks, it has given my husband a sense of purpose in his turmiol of "why me" about his diagnosis. He has felt as if he has had opportunites to have new treaments and at the same time "hopefully" benefit someone else. We also were fortunate enough to have known the services of Dr Fegan at Heartlands before he moved to Wales.

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Thank you for posting about Heartlands. I really need to try and change my routine care to another hospital and was looking at Leicester, Nottingham, Birmingham. They are all about an hours drive for me but worth it if I achieve confidence in my doctor and can actually talk to him/her without feeling like I'm treading on eggshells. Your post has helped enormously and I've already seen Dr Milligan once, albeit a year ago. I shall definitely attempt to transfer to Heartlands. Many thanks, Gillian

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