Excruciating Stomach Pains

Topic Made On: Mar 29, 2008 10:26am
Robert Cork

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For the last week I have been having excruciating pains across my upper stomach and always of a night time, generally around 5/6 am. The pain is rather like cramp running from the left side of the upper stomach to the right and just below the line of the rib cage. The pain lasts for about an hour during which time I roll about on the floor, walk around the house, stretch to try and relieve the symptoms.

I have seen my GP who cannot feel anything obvious, but feels that it could be trapped wind or parts of the stomach being pushed by my enlarged nodes, spleen and liver.

I have tried taking Gaviscon (heartburn/indigestion remedy) at the time of the attack but this has no effect.

I should add that a week ago I came down with a stomach bug that caused diarrhoea and being off-colour for a few days. This is the point in time that these pains started.

I am currently being restaged for treatment (CT Scan, BMB, bloods, FISH, etc), but will have to wait 2 weeks to get the full results before any treatment can be considered.

Has anyone else experienced these sorts of stomach pains and can offer an explanation or possible remedy?



Replied On: Nov 17, 2008 05:13pm

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Dear Robert
It is possible that your pains are not connected with your CLL. Four years ago after suffering from really severe stomach pains at night and spending most nights walking about the house, I had an endoscopy which revealed nothing. My wife and I went to Spain for a holiday, where I became so ill one night my wife called a doctor I was taken to an excellent clinic where they conducted lots of tests including an ultrasound scan which revealed an enlarged gall bladder. Next day I had an emergency operation to remove my gall bladder. No trouble since.
I would think that your CT scan would reveal this condition, but the consultant I had in England was convinced I had an ulcer and failed to look at the gall bladder during my endoscopy.

Good Luck Coobaz

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