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Robert Cork

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I am about to start FRC in the next few weeks and as part of my build-up to treatment I went to see my dentist for a pre-treatment check-up.

He did identify a molar crown that has a small cavity that was only evident through Xray. I approached him about the best optionís (i) removal of the tooth (ii) a new crown (iii) do nothing.

Because I want to start treatment very shortly option (i) could take some time to heal (ii) could take up to 2 months for a new crown to be fitted (iii) I could get by without doing nothing.

Over the weekend I have noticed that I am sensitive to cavity which could be (a) over cleaning of the area (b) I am mentally more aware of the issue (c) it is giving me some trouble.

I am just wondering what the real risks are of having dentistry work whilst on treatment? Anyone had the issue before and have some advice?



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Hi Robert
I don't know the risks of the dental treatment. But I know when I was having treatment I had to get the o k from the Consultant first. My dentist always asks if I have told the hospital.

Take Care


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Hey Guys i think taht dentistry is the division of medication that is engaged in the research, analysis,avoidance and treatment of illnesses, conditions and instances of the mouth area, the maxillofacial area and the nearby and associated components, and their effect on the body system.Thanks a lot!!

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