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Dave Rodgers

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I have just been diagnosed on my back with what the doc thinks is shingles. I have read up on some Google stuff, but would be interested in hearing some actual experiances from people who have had it before.

At teh moment very painfull and red. Doc has put me on a course of Acyclovia for 7 days.

Appreciate any info you can let me have.

Dave R

Replied On: Jun 16, 2008 07:12pm

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Hi Dave,I had a bout of Shingles last year and know how much it hurts.The doctor prescribed aciclover 5 times a day and suggested using a calamine lotion or cream to ease the pain and itchiness.I also used a aquaeous calamine cream instead of soap in the shower/bath,this also helped being rubbed in(the lotion does leave a white powder when dry).
I asked to be kept on the aciclovere and still take 2x200mg daily to prevent another dose.
Good luck,my rash lasted about two weeks but a year later I still feel itchy and have mild pain in that area but apparently that can go on for a long time after the rash has gone.


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