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Robert Cork

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Since I was first diagnosed I have always suffered from catching other people’s colds. Resulting in me developing blocked and runny sinuses for over 3 weeks and requiring at least 14 to 21 days of antibiotics to obtain control of the infection.

My son who is 15, hence is still at school, has bought 3 colds into the house over the last 5 months whilst I have been on treatment of RFC. The significant point is that I have NOT caught any of his colds, which other members of the household have!!!

On each of these occasions, and as soon as a cold symptom is in the house, I start to use Vicks First Defence. I believe based on these 3 occasions that Vicks First Defence has stopped me from catching other people’s colds!!!

The Vicks First Defence product is a Micro-Gel Nasal Spray, applied as soon as you feel the first warning signs of a cold. The unique Micro-Gel attacks the virus where it first takes hold – at the back of your nose, traps it, disarms it and helps to remove it. For more information on the product follow the link below:

It works for me.



Replied On: Nov 02, 2011 02:15pm

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I swear by Vick's First Defence nasal spray as well Robert. I use it as you do, to combat/deter the initial symptoms of a cold with excellent results.
Also useful for the unavoidable situations where I have to mix with crowds of people, such as airports & air travel, I use the spray prior to travel, to avoid sharing the potentially germ laden atmosphere in such situations... works well for me.

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