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Hi - I have managed to get an appointment on NHS with Dr Claire Dearden at Royal Marsden Sutton. I beleive she is a specialist in CLL - up to now I have justhad check ups with any Oncology consultant at my local hospital.

I thought it would be a good idea,for myself and others, to think about what useful advice I can get from this specialised appointment. I beleive I can get any test I want done and as I am one who would rather be aware of possible outcomes I will ask for the prognostic indicator tests to be done.

Is there anything else I should be specifically asking?
I have come up with a few questions myself so far

Is the condition affecting me in any way currently? (my count is steady at 38 so still wait and see. I do feel tired but that could just be normal)

Is my immunne system compromised at all currently or has the condition so far had no affect on my likliehood to fight disease etc?

If anyone can come up with any more they may have thought of asking themselves grateful.


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Robert Cork

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You are quite correct in that Claire Dearden is a specialist in CLL, I expect that you must be pleased about getting that appointment on the NHS.

For me one of the important considerations in seeing a new consultant would be to see how her treatment options/thoughts aligned with those of myself. If there was any non-aligment then the relationship might be in difficulty.

As you have already stated, I would also certainly get all the Prognostic Test done that I could. This would help in the alignment of the treatment options to you the patient.



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